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Name your price – and pre-order my album MELANCHOLYA as MP3 as well as high-quality WAV Files. The minimum price is 10 CHF (9 EUR, 10 USD). Much love for your support!


Release Date: 16.04.2021
Pre-Order: You will receive your download link once the album has been released.

Name your price:  CHF

What you get

  • 7 Indie Rock Songs as MP3 and high quality WAV files

  • Album cover in high resolution

  • Bonus Track «Melancholy Dreams» as Disco Pop Version


How it works

  • Name your price. Pay as much as you like. But the minimum is 10 CHF (9 EUR / 10 USD). That’s 1,25 Francs per Song, or two beers in a regular swiss bar! Other currencies can be chosen later during the payment process!

  • Add the album to your cart (Pre-order)

  • Proceed to checkout and enter your personal details. This is required by the law. I will not abuse your personal data.

  • Choose your payment option. Credit Card and Twint or PayPal. Click on «Place order». The payment page will open where can you can make your payment. Except a few cents, the money will go 100% to Mallacy, to be used for future music or promotions.

  • After the payment was successful, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please also check your spam or junk folder. You will receive your download link in the e-mail. In case it’s pre-order, you receive your download link once the album has been released.


Songs: Mallacy (Mike Wegmüller)
Vocals: Thomas Penninger
Mixing: Mallacy (Mike Wegmüller)
with a great help from Roy Perez at Drumnote Productions
Mastering: Romano Erafficci

Cover art: Pascal Stutz

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